Environment & Sustainability
Royal Group is wholly committed to environmental protection and to the implementation of sustainable solutions across its operations. We employ some of the world’s leading experts to assist us both at a corporate level, as well as across our subsidiary companies to ensure we respond to issues such as resource conservation in a manner consistent with our position of market leader.

Some of the drivers in Abu Dhabi are, "Plan Abu Dhabi 2030" and the "Estidama Pearl Rating System", that together set a vision for making Abu Dhabi one of the most sustainable cities in the world. Royal Group is proud of its contribution to help shape the Abu Dhabi Government’s response to these pioneering policy directives, and to receive, on behalf of the Urban Planning Council, the Estidama Award For Excellence.

Our corporate responsibility towards the sustainability agenda means our experts play a key role to help guide all Royal Group operations to be as sustainable as possible. This applies to the design and construction of our major development projects, to the materials, fixtures and fittings we use and procure, to the technologies we employ in our manufacturing operations.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability management are complex issues that demand a management response. By embracing sustainability into the management of our numerous projects and initiatives, we are able to develop and implement solutions right from the outset that serve to minimise the use of energy and water, decrease waste and maximise recycling, thereby helping to protect the local environment, as well as mitigate against the damaging effects of issues such as climate change.